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Relax & Let Go - Proven Stress Reducing Tips & Techniques

Relaxation for Health & SuccessDisrupted sleep is just one of the signs of excessive pressure, and this book reveals many more. Whatever your health and wellbeing is like now, there is not an illness or aspect of your life that cannot be improved by ridding your body and mind of excessive pressure. This book allows you to check whether stress is already having an impact on you. But the best news is that, whatever your stress levels, it also gives you proven ways to deal with that stress - starting right now, today!

“Ignorance is not bliss. As soon as I truly understood the impact my anxiety and stress was having on me I immediately began doing things a different way - with great results...”

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Let Go - audio programThe last thing you need when under pressure is yet more things to do.  That’s why in this audio programme Sallyann recommends 16 things to let go. Letting go is liberating, and when followed by the 20 minute deep relaxation session you’ll see why people say that this simple, yet effective programme soon had them not only sleeping better but feeling better too.

“Just twenty minutes deep relaxation is equivalent to two hours sleep...”

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Rela & let Go - e-book & audio relaxation programmeOr purchase the Relax e-book & Let Go Audio Relaxation Programme together at

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