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It's astonishing how many people accept stress related symptoms as a normal and inevitable part of everyday life. Perhaps you do too as stress distorts our perception so we don't even realise this is happening. The good news is that RELAX, my latest e-book, and LET GO, a deep relaxation audio download, is available here to help you sleep better, feel calmer and enjoy a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

RELAX allows you to check your current pressure levels and, most importantly, gives you proven tips and techniques to achieve a healthy balanced life. LET GO is a deep relaxation session preceded by 16 things I recommend you let go. And there's a special introductory price when you buy both together.

"This ought to be taught in schools. I've lost the need to constantly be battling..." JANE FOXTON, LONDON

Relaxation for Health & Success"I sleep better, wake refreshed and achieve more whilst seemingly doing less. Even my friends and family say I'm a much nicer person -
and they're right!."

Relax e-book & Let Go Audio Programme to find out more or to buy
please contact Sallyann here


If Wishes Were Horses -

Set in the stunning South West of England this beautifully written novel is a moral dilemma peopled with characters so real, you know them.

Strong, wise stuff, that leaves you with a quirky sense of hope. Unputdownable.

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'Beautifully crafted with striking imagery. Unputdownable.'
Multi BAFTA Winning Director, Declan Lowney


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