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Sallyann enjoying a latte at Costa, one of her favourite writing haunts

Writing at its simplest for me is about entertaining and informing, yet at a deeper level I recognise it connects me to my very being, that part of me that may not be displayed yet is the core of who I am. Even headwriting, of which I do so much, has a way of soothing. There is no gap between me, my life as a writer and any other aspect of my life as I see it. If I choose to live a life of love, it encompasses my whole life. There are no gaps, no seams, this is it.

"Sometimes I forget to laugh at life. Occasionally, for brief moments, I take it all too seriously and allow conversations and events to disturb my peace. Then I remember, it's all stories intertwined and I laugh out loud." - SALLYANN SHERIDAN

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Buy Wishes Were Horses on Amazon.co.uk
Buy If Wishes Were Horses on Amazon.co.uk


If Wishes Were Horses - Sallyann's debut novel

'Beautifully crafted novel with striking imagery. Unputdownable.'
Multi BAFTA Winning Director, Declan Lowney

Set in the stunning South West of England this beautifully written novel is a moral dilemma peopled with characters so real, you know them.

Strong, wise stuff, that leaves you with a quirky sense of hope. Unputdownable.

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Stripey Lewis
Stripey Lewis - Author's Cat
Reviews of If Wishes Were Horses -

"I enjoyed it so much that I read it in a single weekend; but it's not just one of those books you can't put down because you want to know what happens next; it's surprising and thought provoking; exploring ideas about why people act the way they do and how easy it can be to misjudge a situation."

'... an intriguing suspense story from a writer who has interesting things to say about how nothing in life is ever black and white.'

"Dorset is well-provided with distinguished lady novelists such as Minette Walters and Sarah Challis, and Sallyann Sheridan promises to join their number.... characters are drawn with skill and humanity, the twin time-scales in the first half of the book are deftly handled and the sub-plot of geriatric romance is sensitively told. ...the book is a thriller, if an unusual one, and the writer has the pace and verve to keep one wanting to find out what happens next." DORSET LIFE (featured as their book of the month)

"Sheridan has skilful powers of evocation. A stunning debut novel." -

" Cleverly written and beautifully paced, the story is both believable and enjoyable and likely to be the first of many  from an obviously talented writer."

© Sallyann Sheridan